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Green Peas Pulao

Green Peas Pulao is an aromatic Indian rice with peas dish. This spicy rice & green peas recipe needs a few ingredients. Make this vegan rice recipe under 30 minutes and serve as a great side. 

The green peas recipe they served was mildly flavored and the rice was intentionally kept white. This easy one-pot spicy rice recipe will help make your days less stressful so that you can enjoy more quality time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen.


To Make Ground Paste

  •  Cup Coconut 
  • 1 Onion  (Roughly Chopped)
  • 8 Cloves Garlic (Roughly Chopped)
  • 1 inch  ginger or 1 tbsp. ginger paste
  • 1 jalapeno  (Roughly Chopped)
  • 2 tbsp. Cashews
  • 1-2 tbsp.  Water

To Make the Green Peas Pulao

  • 2 Cups Cooked Basmati Rice
  • 1 tbsp.  Oil/butter/ghee
  • 1 tsp  Mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp  Cumin seeds
  • 1 Onion  finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp.  Cilantro  chopped
  • 1 Cup Frozen Green Peas
  • 1 tsp  Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp  Cumin powder
  • 2 tsp  Garam masala
  • Salt  As per requirement
  • 2 tbsp. Coriander (Roughly Chopped)


To Make Ground Paste

  • Dry roast coconut, onions along with ginger, garlic, jalapeno and cashews till they begin to get slightly charred. Take it off the flame and allow it cool. Then grind it into a smooth paste by adding little water.

To Make the Green Peas Pulao

  • Soak Basmati rice for 30 minutes, strain and then cook it in water. I prefer to cook rice either in my Instant Pot or Rice Cooker. If using leftover rice, just warm it in the microwave and spread it out on a plate.
  • Heat oil in a pan and once its hot, temper mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Once they begin to crackle (in about 10 seconds), add chopped cilantro and chopped onions. Saute till the onions turn translucent.
  • Immediately add the ground paste to the pan. Fry this for a minute or two.
  • Then add green peas and continue to cook till for another 3-4 minutes.
  • Add the spice mixes like Homemade Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder and Garam Masala. Fry this for another minute or till the masala is cooked.
  • Finally add the cooked rice and give it a good toss so that all the masala coats the rice well. Garnish with some chopped cilantro and serve.


  • Add whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaf along with onions while frying if you want the flavor of whole spices in this dish.
  • This dish tastes great when you use plain cooked rice from yesterday’s dinner. You can use that leftover cold or chilled rice to make this pulao instead of wondering what to do with it. 
  • If cooking it with fresh rice, to avoid getting sticky rice, always soak rice in water for 30 minutes and then cook it. This will guarantee that the grains are long and separated when cooked. 
  • Also, premium quality Basmati or any long-grain rice is always preferred when making such rice-based dishes. 
  • While fresh peas taste the best in any recipe that calls for it, I prefer the frozen ones over canned ones when fresh peas are not available to me. 
  • You can add more veggies like small diced carrots or bell pepper in this recipe to increase its nutrition value and flavor. 
  • If cooking in an Instant Pot, for 1 cup of rice, add 1.5 cups of water.